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Check out these sample pages from the new 3rd edition of Killer Camera Rigs That You Can Build!

(One thing I'd like to mention that has caused some confusion: For some reason, the publisher, Focal Press, has supplied pages for the "Look Inside" feature at Amazon with COLOR PHOTOS. The photos in the book are Black and White. Not color. So sorry if you thought you were getting a book with color photos. I'm trying to get Focal to correct it. They have also shown some of the rigs that are more difficult to build like the professional dolly track. While the glass key dolly track is pretty easy to build, it's also not the only track in the book, and can look downright nasty to make if you're not starting from the beginning of the chapter, and are just looking at samples from Amazon's "Look Inside" feature.)



Shopping List Sample Page

For each project there is a photo shopping list for both the parts and materials you need to complete it, as well as a photo list of the tools needed. So even if you're not familiar with something, you're good to go. You can even take the book to the hardware store and let the sales clerk load up your basket for you. Easy!




Step By Step page sample

Each step has a photo, so no confusing Ikea type instructions! Sweet!