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Praise for Killer Camera Rigs That You Can Build

First, let me thank all you for your nice words. No, really, thanks so VERY much!! I've taken a huge amount of time and care to write this book, and I'm so happy my goals to make these rigs easy to build have been met!

Anyway, here is a small sampling of comments from those that chose to write me. I'll put more up when I find the time! And keep those Rig Photos, Movies and e-mails coming!

Your book just arrived today from OPAMP and it is WONDERFUL! I can't wait to get going on some of these projects!

II have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first. Especially since I learned how to build most of my equipment for free from various film maker pages. However, most of the "free" online plans are either incomplete or too vague, and it forces you to figure out certain things on your own. (which can be costly at times, believe me, I know ;)) Your book was worth every penny based on it's simplicity alone.

I just signed a music video deal with a local Atlanta rap group. They have a pretty good sound going for they (if your into that genre) and I will be employing several of your rigs during the shoot.

Keep up the great designing!

Note from Dan: The following e-mail is in two parts: one before he ordered the book (in Italics) and one after.

Hello, I was viewing your web site, and thinking about ordering your book, however I have ordered some Guerilla filmmaking rig plans from the internet before and was disappointed because the information was things I had already found on the net & had already bookmarked myself.

I just received your book. WOW that was fast. It is fantastic, just what I was looking for. Thanks for emails and support. I would recommend, and will, to everyone I can think of. This is what I was expecting from the ebay rip off I got. I can't wait to get started on these awesome rigs!!! Thanks again Dan,

You're Welcome! All the rig designs are mine, mine, mine! copyright and other stuff fully in force, so you shouldn't find them anywhere else. And if you do, tell me, and I'll send my Dog over to poop on their yard.

Just wanted to tell you that your book is absolutely great! I'm sure it will be useful to us on a lot of projects.

.I made it!!!!. Im so impressed with your plans and detailed instructions. Being an woman who never had the benefit of shop class, I was worried that I would not be up to it. I did make a few more trips to the store than some I'm sure. Another thing I learned is that don't improvise with materials, you have figured it out right.

Thanks again ! THE BOOK IS AWESOME ! Will send u some pics of the rigs that i build out of your book

First things first, FANTASTIC book.. you have made the complex simple.. the unachievable, possible.. kudos.

Killer's Kiss Crane

I worked this weekend on a video shoot with Bill C. Here's a photo of your rig being set up.

Dan,.. you are incredible.. I've NEVER had an author offer to get material for me because i couldn't find it. I would buy your book three times over. KEEP WRITING!!

Dan I built your stabalizer and used it for a mockumentary I made for film school, right now I am in the editing phase and up against it. But what I would really like to say is I love the thing, it works really well but as I was acting in this thing I wasn't able to have as much time with it as I would have liked, but there is always more projects.

My crew (classmates) were well impressed and all want to borrow it (I'm being very frugile with the time I give and who).

I will be doing at least three more projects this year short and gurilla (one we get one day to shoot a short film) I am going to build either the mount, or the dolly next or may try and rope my dad to do one for me. So Dan if I get my shit together I will sent you a copy of my show reel a the end of the year, it will feature a bit of your equipment, hopefully you like what you see as I am tring to get funding for a film I am writing but I am realistic and want work behind the camera in any way or with the director. So thank you heaps for taking the time to get the parts and the designs locked down tight I can say without a shadow of a doubt "you da man, dan"

....just wanted to be sure to pass along my own thanks for all the wonderful work you've done with this book.

This particular rig really improved the quality of what we could accomplish for the 48 Hour Film Project ( here in DC this year. I was determined to get the camera moving (particularly with our movie being a dramatic piece), and the dolly was easy to slap down and get ready in almost no time. And sticking in a couple of crane shots (which took a little more time to do, but not too much) seriously upped the production value as well.

We had built a couple of Shock Corridor Stabilizers last year -- we had two productions running simultaneously, and I wanted to make sure each had the best tools we could offer .

I'm working on the They Drive By Night Car Mount right now... well, I'm still shopping around for parts, but as soon as I pick up everything, we're going to get started on it. (Probably the biggest lesson I've learned in tracking down parts is to stay away from big-box places like Home Depot and hit the local hardware stores -- they have a lot more of the hard-to-find pieces and actually know what they're doing.) We also did a recent podcast (available at in which we discussed Killer Camera Rigs. Hope we did you justice.

That's it -- I've taken up enough of your time already. Just wanted to say thanks, and keep up the good work!

Hey Dan,

Sorry it took this long to write. I guess, it's been almost 6 months since I recieved your wonderful book. I must say, it is a really great "How-to" and I am so glad I purchased it. I can clearly see a lot of hard work went into this book, thank you so much, I am definately gonna build all of those rigs! Take care Dan, I hope to see a Book 2 in the near future. I am recomending this book to all of my friend! Cheers!


I've been doing a TON of freelance in NYC lately and people keep telling me, "Guys like you don't EXIST in this business, anymore! All we get are kids who slap-on wide-angles lenses, shoot in 24p, then rip-and-roll in FCP.'re like circa 1986...when guys were PROFESSIONALS!!!"

My retort: "Thanks...oh, and you should see my guy Dan's website"...we go there...jaws DROP! Seriously, I worked and learned from guys like you for YEARS...and I am better-off for it! Yer no sham, sir.

I love your book, and have faithfully built several of the rigs to my advantage and other filmmaking friends' envy. I know I've made at least a couple of them buy the book.

Hi Dan - received book a couple of weeks ago ...... it's awesome man, great job, easy instructions even for a duffer like me (notice I left the "old" out as old is only a state of mind. In my mind anyway). ... BTW I am a "filmmaker" and president of our Community TV Society up here in Whitehorse so your plans will be put to good use for sure. Please keep me on your mailing list for news of updates and new editions. Cheers.

I just got the book this afternoon "WOW". You have simplified and oversimplied so that even I can understand and sucessfully complete these projects. I hope you make a fortune on this. I am going to recommend it to everyone I know. Plus I plan to buy a couple as gifts. You will definitely here from me again. I wish you great sucess with this book.

This is Cooper at Breaver Hill Prodfuctions. We got your book today and I just finished straight through page 333.


Okay, now that I got that out, let me say that its worth every penny of the $39.95 you asked. Well thats it for now. I should have a more enlightening and intelligent testimonial in the next week or so. So for now, well done Dan this book is a winner and I don't even have to get the local good ol' boy fabricators to touch this one. :)

Thanks again Dan!

....received your book and I am very pleased with it. your explanations are excellent.

Just received my copy of "Killer Camera Rigs..." from Australian Video Camera magazine and can't wait to start building! Love the book

Thank you for the fast shipping, I received my book today. I must say the website had me a little bit skeptical but the book far exceeded my expectations and we can't wait to build the rigs.

Just a quick note to let you know that I have been putting your design for the camera stabilizer to good use. I have attached my first project using it for you. ...I was the only camera there so I had to keep moving so I didn't end up with a series of sterile "locked down" shots.ZZZZZZZZZ. The stabilizer allowed me to move quite smoothly. This was my first real shoot with it. I hadn't planned to edit the footage, but when I saw the results I had to. I think the best shot is at the end when Milton is talking to the camera. Well, I hope this finds you well, and busy making more rigs.

....I'm gonna be building the dark passage dolly first (I'm a sucker for creative dolly shots) and I'm absolutely thrilled at the general accessability of the book to one who is not so technically oriented. Once again, I appreciate it! Keep an eye out for many wonderful films by me in the future... I'll be sure to thank you in the credits!

Dan, I shot a doc. back in the sept. I was using your stabilizer for some shots moving through crowds and the crane to get shots over the crowd. The friend that I am buying the book for had recently spent a couple hundred dollars for a stabilizer that was essentially the same as the one I built myself. You should have seen his face. I recieved so many comments about the crane as well. I won't keep you any longer you probably get emails like this all the time. Thanks!

I received the book today. 8 days after ordering is pretty fast for something that has to travel from the USA to the Netherlands. I didn't have the time to read or even get to the warehouse :-), but it is looking good and pretty simple.


You guys rock! I'm SO looking forward to this. You can be sure I'll be staying in touch! Thanks a MILLION for puting the book together. It's nice to do business with someone who is so passionate about their product! I've a lot to learn about camera supports, etc., but I'm sure this book is going to allow me to experiment affordably! If you're ever in Sacramento, first round is on me!

The book....or should I say "THE Book".....arrived today! Amazing! Worth ten times the price, and to see you've got another book in the works.....I'm already a customer....keep me posted! Brother, thanks for the hard work. I can tell right off the bat you've put a lot of time and effort into the assembly of these projects. You can be damned sure I'll be trying each and every one of these over the next few months. Now I gotta go clear some space in my garage for PLAYTIME!!!!!!!!!! Let's see...pick up the kid from school.....stop by Lowes to pick up some supplies.....I'm outta here! Again, thanks brother!

I your book I love it. I'm building the "Dark Passage Dolly" and the "T.D.B.N. Car Mount".

Excellent book, very awesome! I have pretty much decided on getting some people to help me build the dark passage dolly and the killer kiss crane.

I want to thank you for your prompt and helpful reply to my email. We ordered the parts and my son and husband completed the camera stabilizer last weekend. It came out great, and my son is thrilled. We really appreciate your help and suggestions. Thanks again!

I'm looking forward to the book. It's been on my whish list as long as I have been waiting for the funding for my MS patient video - years! Your thank you note reminds me of the 'good-old-days' when email was personal -- communication with human beings who made or thought cool things.

I've recently bought your book "Killer Camera Rigs That You Can Build" and it is just GREAT. Excellent job!!! I plan to build most of these rigs.

Holy crap this is a great book man.

Just a note to let you know I ordered the book, and tell you how much I appreciated your personal reply. I could tell you were good people the minute I started reading through your website, you exude that passion in everything you do, and I'm glad I found your book. Wow Dan, I can't believe you replied to my book enquiry with a picture of Mike Ferris using the Killer's Kiss Crane with jib and dolly. If that doesn't inspire me, I don't know what would. I certainly look forward to building the rigs from your book, but don't worry Dan, I won't hold you personally responsible if my shots don't immediately look like Mike Ferris'. By the way, tell Mike I said hello...hahahahahahaha!

Yeah, ok Dan, um, like, here's a question: are you a member of a mutant group of Los Angelenos who are actually friendly and helpful, or what? ;-)

Got the ebook today and I am just jaw-dropping amazed at your attention to detail.

I received the book in the mail today and just finished flipping through it, and I've got to tell you it looks amazing! I'll definately be building some of those rigs here in the near future for use on a short I'm writing for late this summer. Just wanted to shoot you a quick "thanks a million" for your work on this book.

Hey Dan. I just recieved the book today. Thanks for shipping so fast. From what I have looked at so far it looks like its well worth the purchase. I will be making the dolly this week and probably the killer kiss crane soon after. I just wanted to say thanks for a great transaction.

Thank you again for your quick attention and help. And thank you for sharing your vision and passion for filmmaking!

I Bought Your Book a few Days ago and It came in Yesterday and I LOVE IT!!! I'm am going to build the "Killer Kiss Crane"Tonight and then The Dolly but how did You do the shot where The Dolly go's in The Car and drives off?

I just received the book today. It's Great! I was reading a some of it today and I just love your writing style and easy to read and understand steps. You write as if you were here, and let me tell you that reading it is not only useful, but it's very enjoyable. Obviously I'm a happy customer and I want to thank you for your quick responses and shipping!

Here's another example of the Killer's Kiss and Dark Passage at work.

This was a major promotion for Stanley Furniture - the video premiered (and looped) at a trade show in Vegas. And I shot it with a sub-$1000 camera (HV20) using a dolly/crane (and sandbags) that cost about $200 to make.

Gotta love it!

PS: This book, and your gift for instruction blended with humor and encouragement, has been a joy. Stabilizer down, crane 90% done.

I I purchased your book and have made several of the pieces, they work great and give a great look to my films.


Hey I just wanted to give you a shout and tell you that I finished building the shock corridor camera stabilizer. Your directions were very good and easy to follow, and it took me no time to get the thing built.

Attached are a couple photos of the Shock Corridor Stabilizer I just completed. We are testing it with a small camera to get a feel for how it works but are planning to use it with a larger Canon XHA1 for the upcoming Albuquerque 48 Hour Film Project.

I love your book and I will surely tell all my filmmaking friends about it.

Holy Underwear! You were right!. . . . . . this is BEAUTIFULLY put together. . . . . construction begins this week. . . . . and my brain is reeling. . . . .Congratulations in a great project.

First off, I just wanted to say that I ordered your book and love it! I’m planning on getting together with a couple of friends and having a ‘build party’ for the shock corridor stabilizer.

Killer Camera Rigs arrived yesterday (Thursday) in great shape. This truly is a Killer book!! Thank you so much for offering this ... its amazing in every respect!! Much continued success,

The book is a Christmas gift to my 15-year-old son who aspires to be the next Spielberg. Thanx for giving me an excellent choice. Note from Dan: When he is, tell him to give me a job!

Hello, I just recieved the book tonight, have looked through every single page and am thouroughly............amazed. THIS BOOK IS AWSOME!!!! THANK YOU SSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! I'm planning on spending a large portion of my Christmas break making these rigs...

... I did get your book--it looks fantastic! Can't wait to start a-buildin'.

...I was able to assemble the dolly and the Killer's kiss crane without a problem. They were both very easy to build. I can't wait until your second book comes out. Thank you for creating this book.

I'm really enjoying the book you sent me. Great stuff. And well done!...I purchased the book from you over a year ago (I love it!)

...can’t wait for it and start tinkering with new rigs! Thanks again, you have been great to deal with and I'll recommend you to anyone.

...just finished 2 movies this year. Shorts! It is just One called "Shoelaces" and the other called "The Speed of Life" Still in post. Designs were very helpful in creating my crane. I love you Gimbal design for the hand held stabilizer. Here is a link to Shoelaces, It will be in this years Slam Dance and LDSBOX film festivals this year.

I'd like to start off by saying that I love your book. I got it for christmas and I've already built The Dark Passage Dolly. Note from Dan: Put the "Killer's Kiss Crane" on that thing Junior!

The book is excellent and I can't wait to build it. Thank you so much for making it more affordable to make movies. You are greatly appreciated up here in Seattle. You will probably being getting more e-mails from me as time go by.

I purchased a copy of your book a few months ago and am just about to start my first project. First, let me say that your book is great. I really appreciate the obvious care and attention to detail that you took in writing and photographing it. Excellent job!

I received the 2nd edition of your Killer Camera Rigs book as a Christmas gift, and I have scarcely put it down since. Your designs are ingenious, and your instructions simple but effective. As I write this, I'm already halfway through building the stabilizer.

hello there dan, love the book! i am a digital arts/photography teacher down in the palm springs area. please keep me informed on any new news you may be printing. We're big fans of your work here, and we'd like to link to you guys from our website.

...thanks so much for your wonderful book.

... I was wondering when will your second book will be out. Loved your first book.

...Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed message--very helpful. Since you wrote it, I built both the stablizer and the combo crane. They work well and were easy to construct.

Just a quick follow-up to say that my brother really enjoyed your book!!!

The book and the project themselves look GREAT ! Thanks.

Thanks for your time I just received your book. WOW that was fast. It is fantastic, just what I was looking for. Thanks for emails and support.

...My friend and I absolutely love your Killer Camera Rigs Book. We have built steady cam, combo crane w/ dolly, and pooper scooper cam.

Dear Dan, Great book, thanks for the copy! I'll look forward to building a few of them. And whenever I get a question remotely near someone needing rigs/DV equipment you'll get a plug in Moviemaker. Rick Schmidt Note from Dan: Rick was kind enough to mention "Killer Camera Rigs" in his book "Extreme DV: Feature filmmaking for used car prices". I bought the first edition of "Feature Filmmaking at Used Car Prices" years ago, and thought it couldn't be improved upon. I was wrong! "Extreme DV" is even better!

Your book is awesome. I think even an idiot like me can follow your directions and build this stuff.

I appreciate your help, you're awesome.

Thanks to advancements in technology which have reduced image capture and storage costs, as well as your KILLER rigs, my first feature film is sure to go off on time and on budget (at least, below-the-line). Unfortunately, nothing can assure that we will end up with anything in post…but I’ll have a three camera package and ALL THESE KILLER RIGS to show for it! Hoo-hoo! It’s KILLER dude...cowabunga!

Hey Dan! Just wanted you to know that I really dug your book. I felt that is was highly informative, simple and fun to read.

Thanks again for sharing such "invaluable knowledge." I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavours and please let me know when you have a new book out.

I just finished going cover to cover on your killer rigs book. You did a great job with this book. I will definitely be building some of the rigs.

Thanks, I look forward to getting the book. I wish I had known about it a few years back when I was doing a video for National Geographic. My video guys spent months trying to figure out how to make a dolly and a jib and never did. They wasted so much time I ended up never getting half the shots I wanted! Anyway, I hope to find a few tricks that will help me in various projects in the future.

Love your book and your first-rate service, so much so that I will more than likely be placing another order with you soon as a gift to a friend (I have ulterior motives; he’s a machinist and fabricator with plenty of tools and a bit of spare time on his hands!). The aerial rig using helium balloons is clearly the work of a mad genius, and I’m already thinking of situations where I might be able to justify its use in order to give me an excuse to build and play with one. I haven’t built any of the rigs yet, but I will probably construct a dolly more-or-less immediately, and see if I can connive my buddy into helping me put together the don’t-call-it-a-Glidecam stabilizer.

I received the 2nd edition of your Killer Camera Rigs book as a Christmas gift, and I have scarcely put it down since. Your designs are ingenious, and your instructions simple but effective. As I write this, I'm already halfway through building the stabilizer.

That book is fantastic. I gave it to my husband for Christmas, and he's almost finished his first rig. Thanks!

Received your book today, it looks awesome, can't wait to start building!

The gizmos in your book are going to dramatically improve our ability to film wildlife and nature subjects. ... The cranes will help us get in close to bird nests and mammal lairs without as much disturbance and with better product.

I got my copy in the mail this morning and have been going through it all day. It looks great! Clear instructions and the pictures show exactly what they need to. Thanks for putting together an excellent book.

I received your book in the mail yesterday - WOW fast shipping! I just gotta say - I LOVE THIS BOOK!. And it is gorgeous - you did an excellent job and I strongly commend you on this incredible service to budget filmmakers of the world. Thank you so much.

Wow! You really are full service! If you need me to write something positive for your third edition I'd be glad to do it! Whole-hearted thanks,

My wife Heather took some photos (attached) of my camera stabilizer I built from your plans. As you can see I'm using it while skiing, and the footage I shot looks GREAT! It's just remarkable how little motion transfers to the camera. Last year I did some filming at my ski area, and to do "tracking" shots I extended the legs all the way on my Bogen tripod, locked the camera pointing straight up, then bundled all three legs together in my hands and held the entire thing horizontally while I skied next to my subject. Needless to say your rig is a major improvement (although my solution last year was remarkably good for what it was).

Thank you very much for the manual. It has come in real handy for my first constructed dark passage. Here are some pics.

Note from Dan: I'm going to try to get a gallery page set up for all the rig photos I get. I'm super busy, but I'll try to get it up soon.

Today I received the book and all I have to say is WOW. I've been reading ever since I got it. As a student at Savannah College of Art and Design, I find all of this information invaluable because I think this will give me a little bit of edge over my competition. Thanks for such a great quality product! Your subtle humor and precise instructions make it a pleasure to read. I read in the back of the book that you were making a volume two ( which will definitely be on my Christmas list).

We built 2 rigs from your book this weekend, the Killers Kiss Crane and the Dark Passage Dolly. They are amazing. When we were finished we danced around the rig like a bunch of Pagans! We are excited to use them when we shoot our next project later this month. Your book is awesome and it is going to add a lot of value to our project. Thanks for helping dudes like us out.

I just built my big combo crane today and I'm loving it so much!!!

WOW THAT WAS FAST! I got it the day after you sent the confirmation email. I gave it a look, and again..WOW. I can't wait to try out some of the designs. They are very well written and clear, even I understood them and I'm not really that educated when it comes to building things. Man I wish I found this book a month earlier...I just shot my first film and could have used that stabilizer...Anyway, thanks!

Received the book with thanks. It's absolutely brilliant. first impressions are this book is a perfect step by step guide for someone like me to understand. Thanks Dan, you are a genius !

My copy of the book just came and I am delighted.

Your ideas are inspiring. I do not and have never produced status-quo. With imagination, even these low-no budgets are as "watchable" as broadcast. Now I have a better arsenal of shooting options.

First, Thank you for your wonderful wonderful book! It's been an absolute delight to read, and the rigs have been a blast to build!

Got the book today. It looks great! Thanks for putting out such a cool product!!

I purchased your book a few weeks ago, and think it’s a great book. I own a business that sells and distributes camera cranes and various rigs here in Australia, and I would love to add this book to our range of goodies aimed at the DV film-maker.

I just got the book this friday........AWESOME! You've really done a great job. I've seen a bunch of rigs online, but I've always wanted something I could have in print. Your book fits the bill perfectly.

I received the book and it's truly awesome, thanks for publishing it. I'm glad I found it and I'm looking forward to building some cool rigs. Please let me know when the second book comes out.

I just wanted to let you know that this has been one of my best online buying experiences. I appreciate your willingness to give support to your buyers and the great customer service you've given along the way.

You are so the man! Other people claim to be the man, but you truly are the man.

I just wanted you to know I got your book for my birthday and want you to know how great it is. My friend and I have completed the Dark passage dolly and are working on the car mount. I will keep you updated as to my progress and outcome. Thanks once again for giving a kid like me from white trash suburbia the chance to get closer to my dreams.

i told hellava lot ot students to buy your book... did any one order one from san francisco?? i theach a getto grip class at film arts foundation. :) i love your book! Note from Dan: Tons of orders from San Francisco! Quite the Independent filmmaking mecca up there!

I bought your book a couple months ago and just purchased all the supplies for my first project yesterday. I just wanted to send a thank you for the updated information from time to time--yours is one of the few unexpected emails I like getting.

Thanx for keeping us updated and informed. YOU ARE THE MAN!

Hey Dan, just wanted to thank you for your involvement, even after the sale has been made. You go out of your way to provide all of us with the latest upgrades to your plans. And the plans were awesome in the first place! I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for all you are doing. I'll send you a copy of my short when its done!

This book is amazing. I love the shopping list at the begining of each chapter. My friend and I just built the killer kiss crane and it works like a miracle.

Thanx a HEAP for all the updates... LOVE the book!!!

Thanks for the response and the awesome book!

Thank you for coming out to Filmmakers Allience-- great demonstration (and great book)!

Well I've finished my Big Combo Crane and it looks awesome! I am completely satisfied and ready to tackle some mean looking shots.

Thanks for the book! I am really excited to get some of these rigs built before my shoots this summer!

Love your book. It reminds me of the original (late 60's) "Volkswagen Repair for the Compleat Idiot" by John Muir. Like that book, "Killer Rigs" is a good read.

Just looked through the book and must say that you did a very very kickass job on it. I think your hard work paid off because as far as I'm concerned you have just created an industry classic. Killer Camera Rigs will certainly be de rigeur reading for film students, the filmic DIY inclined and anyone else who has ever dreamt of making it happen.

The book arrived safely a couple of days ago. I have looked through it quickly and I am impressed with the clarity, the abundance of details, and the wry sense of humour. I can hardly wait to get started, but first the book must remain under wraps for a short while, until birthday time.

Your book arrived and let me say, you are one talented and clever man! Very clear and fun. Can't wait to get started.

Congratulations on an outstanding book! I received it today and am very impressed with the ideas it presents on how to make camera rigs...I'm also very impressed that you are selling the book without a publisher. The print quality is excellent in all respects (pics, paper, binding, etc). It really shows anyone can do anything if they really want. That's inspirational.

WOW. I can't wait to try out some of the designs. They are very well written and clear, even I understood them and I'm not really that educated when it comes to building things. Man I wish I found this book a month earlier...I just shot my first film and could have used that stabilizer...

So I’ve built the Killer’s Kiss Crane, the Stabilizer and the Dolly. They’re amazing! When I’m out using them everyone comments on them and I give them your website. I should be done shooting my short film in about four months, and I’ll definitely send you a copy. Thanks for writing this great book and making these wonderful shots available to someone with no budget.

I just received in the mail the camera rigs book, and if I might say, it has made me so excited to begin building them. I would write a longer message but I want to get back to examining the equipment. You're a good guy.

You ROCK Dan!

Your's is by far the best customer service I have received from ordering anything online ever. Keep it up man and I'll let you know when I receive it, I can't wait. Thanks Again.

Its hard to imagine having trouble with any of the projects in this book, you've done an excellent job of making it easy and non-intimidating to make these toys... um, I mean, tools.

Great job! I shall recommend to others in my social sphere.

Hi Dan. I received your book today. This is going to be a live saver and money saver. My friend and I are gearing up to do an independant feature film. We are doing it Gorilla style with very little money. Your book is going to be an asset to our production. I'll let you know how she turns out.

HI I live in england i just got your book today it looks absolutely amazing can't wait to start building my rig. I'll let you know how it goes sometime in the near future hopefully!!!

Dan - you're the man!

I got my book fine and dandily on Tuesday - so swift! This is the first chance I've had to email you - it's absolutely FANTASTIC! What an achievement in research, writing and publishing. I love it! Such querky comments throughout and I particularly like the font you've used - everything's spot on matey - you're a very generous genius! I will endevour to begin building asap - and of course pass on the great news of your book to one and all - you never know, you may get a whole load more of orders from the UK! Well, thanks again, and I'll be in touch :)

I just ordered your book and I can't wait to get it. Your workshop was very helpful and I am sure the book will be very helpful as well.

Received the book, it's great. I am amazed at how many helpful movie making equipment you have designed. I have recently finished the first of my rigs (the shock corridor camera stabilizer) and I feel quite proud of my achievement. The detailed instructions were idiot proof. I haven't put it to test in the field yet but it looks like it will be a success. I'll send some pics when I get the chance.

I received the book today its awsome.

Thank you very much! I liked very much the book I received some time ago, although I didn't build any rig the potential is huge. We plan to make a short movie sooner or later ("We" stands for me and my friends:)), and your book will surely come in handy. Also the money we will eventually save by building the rigs ourselves can be used to buy a more professional camera.. and that's absolutely great :)

The book arrived today and it's really something!!! I'm looking forward to getting to work on several items straight away.

WOW! I take back every bad thought I had... :)

This book is great! you did a fabulous job.

...thanks for the book. its amazingly well done and concise

Got the book today and read the whole thing. I love it- I'm getting prepared mentally to begin construction on the stabilizer first and foremost, the bigass crane next.

Got the book a couple of days ago. WOW! I've been reading it since then, getting familiar with the plans before I start building. I'm pretty excited knowing that the money I was putting away for one of the high end Glidecams will probably build me all of your rigs :) YEAH!

I received your book late last week. After perusing it for a couple days I've concluded that it is a masterpiece of creativity and ingenuity! All that, and written in a way that makes it accessible to just any old body... You are a genius! Thank you for your efforts, and for saving me from all the frustration you, no doubt, experienced.

Great work! I can't wait to get started building these babies!!! Thanks so much!

...I want to add that I think the "Make it Cool" concept is truly inspired. It's great that you allow the builder a choice. I know you have put a huge amount of effort into the making of it and it really can be seen. It is a fantastic book and i am very plesed to have the honour of owning one, if you have any more future books planned i would very much like to hear about them,

Hi Dan, I completed the stabilizer this past weekend. Construction was relatively quick and your instructions were very easy to follow.... I did test the unit with my camera (GL2) and one thing is for sure...I HAVE NEVER HAD VIDEO THAT SMOOTH WHEN WALKING!!! It's amazing, and I only practiced for about 5 minutes.

Mr. Selakovich, I just recieved a beautiful copy of your book in the mail and it looks wonderful, I have started to build the dolly and am having lots of luck, so thank you very much. I have shown my work in my film class and all the people are quite impressed with the performance of the rigs, so much so that they are wondering if it would be possible to order books directly off your website or if you are sending them to be sold in stores. I'm sure you'll be getting some new orders soon. Thanks again for the book and all of your work.

...your plans and info are amazing!

...You did a fantastic job on writing the book and the pictures. Very very easy to follow, which is especially important for a non-builder like myself. Take care and keep me posted on the next installment of killer camera rigs (i'm guessing it will be aptly named "Killer Camera Rigs 2").... take care and kudos on your book with many more to come,

Thanks so much for the book. They are great and I have begun the shopping around for items to build a stabilizer.

Hi Dan, Received the book today. Great Work!! I'm taking it into work tomorrow and show it off. I work at a local University and some of the Media Professors and students may like it. Can't wait for Vol.2 to come out.

Thanks for sending the book. When I saw it in the mailbox, I quickly brought it in the house and broke it open. It is even more than I expected. I am looking forward to putting together a few sandbags, then trying to create a "pooper scooper" cam.There is a wealth of information stored in your book. I cannot wait for your follow up book.

I just wanted to let you know I recieved the book last week and its fantastic. I can't wait to start building! I didn't realize that I could build such professional equipment so easily. Thanks again.

Hey, Dan, I'm super excited about the Killer Camera Rig book. I built the crane & stabalizer already and they work like a charm. your plans and info are amazing!

Just received the book!!! WONDERFUL!! I love it! I don't know what to build first. Thank you sooo much. You are doing a great service to film makers everywhere!

Hi Dan, first off, received the book today, impressed? I should say so! I reckon Barnes Wallace would have been taken with this little beauty! Only had time to "scan through" tonight sadly, but the overall design - excellent! Thanks for your e-mail re the camera plate, as you say it wasn't a major cause for concern, but how nice to be updates & so quickly!

...Dan, Your design is amazing! The stabilizer looks so professional, and works so smoothly....

Today I ran a Olympic distance triathlon (Pacific Crest). The half-ironman was Saturday, and I thought I would test out your stabilizer by doing a documentary on my OSU team racing it. Your apparatus worked marvelously! I was able to actually run WITH some of the cyclists (I must say I do have awesome sprint legs), keeping up with them and keeping the shot steady. Overall, the shots were perfect! Now I just have to edit it all together. We are now planning on using the documentary as a promo for our club.

Thanks so much for your brilliant writings, with the help of your book I am now able to shoot the movie of my dreams and still live above the poverty line...

Great stuff! Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much for teaching me how to build camera rigs in a cheap and easy way. Your class was highly informative and beneficial. Note from Dan: I use to teach rig building at the USC summer film program

Hi, I was at your presentation at USC a day ago and really liked your stuff. I think it's great that you are doing what you’re doing; bc camera equipment is sooo over priced.

Your designs have been a tremendous help.

Received the book. Very well written, easy for a person with a non-consctruction background to understand. Like the quicktime demos too.

Dan, I got the cd and I greatly appreciate it. I didn't realize how easy they were to build.

i find your service very friendly and helpful. thats why i chose to buy from you rather than other commercial products. : )

Just to let you know that I'm answering your email at an internet cafe in Mongolia where I'm shooting a movie using your steadicam rig.

Thanks for the Package, I received it yesterday and it is great

I'm a film student going to two different schools this year. I'm going to Wayne state university, in downtown detroit, earning my B.A. in film studies and i will also be attending The Motion Picture Institute of Michigan, a one year film production trade school. Although i can rent any of the wide selection of equiptment at either school, for little or no price, the rigs i can make on my own are a life saver. From now on I will never be worried if the equipment i need will be available. I can have almost everything i need, short of a crew that will work for no money, with a few short trips to the hardware store. I'd like to thank you for supplying such an informative and useful book and I WOULD RECOMEND THIS BOOK TO EVERY FILM STUDENT OR FILMMAKING ENTHUSIAST.

I recently built the shock corridor stabilizer...quite easy...great instructions. Thanks.

Received the book today and was extremely pleased.

Hey, Dan, I'm super excited about the Killer Camera Rig book. I built the crane & stabalizer already and they work like a charm.